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Hill stations in South India

With the picturesque Western Ghats dominating the countryside, hill stations in South India display vibrant greenery that is the birthplace of some wealthy ecosystems, housing different exotic flora and wildlife. When rains reach this tropical area, mountain stations such as Coorg, Wayanad, and Yercaud arrive to rescue those who fry in the warmth of the shoreline and the towns.

Let’s tak a look at some best hill stations in South India and plan our upcoming holidays

Coorg, Karnataka

Also known as the Scotland of India it is located in the midst of impressive hills in Karnataka, Coorg is the location to be for all nature enthusiasts.  Not only is this hill station for manufacturing coffee but is also famous because of its lovely green mountains and the rivers that cut straight through them. Because of its culture and individuals, it is also a famous place. The Kodavas, a local martial arts tribe, are particularly noteworthy for their loving hospitality.


Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The queen of the Nilgiris, Ooty is one of the most beautiful locations in South India. Once considered East India Company's summer headquarters (and for a very excellent reason), Ooty, also recognized as Udagamandalam, is a Tamil Nadu mountain resort that acts as a famous visitor location for anyone seeking a scenic location to rest and unwind. At an elevation of 2,240 meters above sea level, Ooty is located among the Nilgiri mountains and offers a favorable environment throughout the year.
Ooty is a very famous place for weddings and honeymooners, and there's no better route to participate in everything this town has to give than to take a journey on the Toy Train, allowing you to experience panoramic views of this lovely mountain station straight from your room. The entire town is tinted with lovely green shades, oases of glowing blue streams appearing here and there. The Nilgiri Mountain Railways has the steepest path throughout Asia, and it's one of the greatest train tours you'll ever experience.


Munnar, Kerala

Renowned for its tea farms, exquisite lush greenery and craggy mountains, the idyllic mountain station Munnar is situated in the Western Ghats, Kerala state. It acts as a shopping center for some of the biggest tea farms in the world. Moreover, Munnar has many protected regions where indigenous and extremely threatened animals such as the Nilgiri Thar and the Neelakurinji are present.
One of South India's largest tea-planting region, Munnar is one of Kerala's most lovely and famous hill stations. Located on the shores of three streams, Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru, Munnar is also endowed with natural viewpoints aside from the tea plants. Munnar is split into Old Munnar, where there is a visitor data bureau, and Munnar, where there is a bus depot and most guest homes. The most important sights are the Eravikulam National Park, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and cocoa farms.


Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Also known as the princess of hill stations Kodaikanal is one of India's most popular wedding spots, located in Tamil Nadu. When you think of Kodaikanal, you believe of a lovely environment, mist-covered hills, cloud-covered hills and lovely rivers and valleys, and when you visit this mountain station, you will discover that every part of what you imagine is real. Nestled in Tamil Nadu's sloping hills of the Palani Hills, Kodaikanal lies at an elevation of 7200 feet above sea level and has a refreshing, enjoyable environment throughout the year.  It is also one of the most loved hill stations in South India
Kodaikanal provides visitors the perfect combination of culture and nature, combining fully manicured slopes, picturesque waterfalls, rolling mountains and transparent ponds to produce the perfect environment for an ideal mountain getaway. Kodaikanal is a location where you can take a break from the rigors of everyday city life, and this mountain station allows you to sit back and interact with nature as you walk on cycling or trekking paths or walk through the vast woods that surround the city.


Conoor, Tamil Nadu

One of the country's most lovely and peaceful hill stations, Coonoor is the second biggest hill station in the lovely Western Ghats ' Nilgiri Hills. It is located at 1930 meters above sea level and only 19 km from Ooty.
Coonoor is a pleasant place to enjoy a panoramic perspective of the Nilgiri Hills and the Catherine Falls. Coonoor is a vision that has come true for authors and poets because of its wealthy greenery, manicured mountains, colonial heritage and stunning scenery that will leave you relaxed and motivated. You can lose yourself entirely to nature and its endless beauty while in Coonoor.


Kotagiri, Karnataka

Kotagiri is the lowest and oldest hill station located in the lap of Nilgiri Hills, surrounded by peace and tranquility. A mountain village that the British first discovered as their summer residence away from the warmth of farmland, it is gaining popularity among visitors again today.
What we see of the city today, in reality, is nothing but a sheer representation of the splendid history of the British Raj and Kota tribe that populated this location in the past and is now decreased to a tiny amount. Throughout the year, Kotagiri is dictated by enjoyable climate, filled with beautiful green surroundings and smooth and fresh air.



India is a country of landmasses with Himalayas in the North and splendid greenery and beauty of South India. If you are planning for your honeymoon or are looking for a perfect holiday destination with fmily, you must lookout for Hill stations in South India and make some cherishble memories.

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