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Big shock to China, rocket explodes in 1 minute, 2 satellites destroyed including Billybilly

China is constantly being shocked. First from India on Galvan, then from America in the South China Sea. Now China has suffered a major setback in space. China has lost crores. One of his rockets failed after a minute’s flight. This destroyed two of his satellites. Was for a satellite video sharing site. The second was made for navigation systems.

China launched the Kuizhou-11 Rocket (Kuaizhou-11 or KZ-11) late Thursday night at 12.17 pm from Jiuqua Satellite Center in northwest China. This rocket had two satellites. One was a satellite created for video sharing site Bilibili. The second was the Centipes-1-S2 satellite fitted for navigation.

The satellite was built by Changguang Satellite Company Limited of Bilibili video sharing site. The Changguang Satellite Company is part of the government institute Changchun Institute of Optics, File Mechanics and Physics. It operates under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The second satellite ie CentiSpace-1-2 (Satellite) was also destroyed. It is also known as Weili-1-02 Satellite. It was a low-Earth orbit navigation satellite. It is for communication. It was built by Beijing Future Navigation Technology Company Limited.

The Kuizhou-11 rocket project was launched in 1018. In 2019, the rocket exploded during the first stage of testing. This was the 19th launch of China this year which has failed badly.

Three Chinese rockets have failed this year. The first took place in March. Its name was Long March 7A Rocket. The second one failed in April. Its name was Long March 3 B. Indonesia’s Palapa-N1 communication satellite was destroyed with this rocket.

China wanted to become the king of commercial launching through the Qizhou-11 rocket. Let us tell you that India is the number one and most trusted country in commercial launching worldwide. India successfully launches satellites of dozens of countries of the world. But China is not able to follow it.

Many private companies are currently involved in the space launch mission in China. But nobody is getting the desired success. Prominent among these companies are Xpress, iSpace, OneSpace and Landspace.

At present, after the failure of this launch, the Chinese government has ordered an inquiry into the incident. So that it can be found out where the mistake happened and from whom.

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