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Everything you need to know about cloud storage

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Thanks to fast, reliable Internet access, free cloud storage really has been cut off. The appeals are understandable: you will be able to store and view your data via the Internet, including desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. The appeal is understandable.

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You can also back up important files to a remote location and give them a connection to exchange files with colleagues, relatives, and collaborators.

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Selection is the only question. cloud storage is so difficult to determine what is best for you, as many free cloud computing options have to be opted for. Given the number of cloud storage services, you must be careful to choose a service that provides optimum cost-effective capacity and connectivity when retaining your files.

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pCloud is an online cloud computing network for the next generation, allowing users to store and access cloud data anywhere and at any time from a web browser or local device. pCloud is an exclusively secure network with improved user privacy security features. When it comes to online data storage and access to digital information, Cloud provides many exciting capabilities. cloud storagehas caught and made it easy for you to use these amazing apps.

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Have a glance at the features of pCloud:

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Auto Syncing: cloud storage is automatically synced across all platforms until the data is reached. Automatically.-Automatically.Auto Backup: The data is immediately backed up until uploaded. In immortal days.

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Secure Protection: Ultra-tight data and information security system. Do not pursue it.
Browse everywhere: Every time your photographs, videos, and records. Any limitations. No constraints.

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Simple Sharing: We make it easy to share your knowledge with your family and friends. Just a click away.
Sharing of videos: Share your cheeky moments instantly without hesitation with your mates, family, and friends.

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cloud storage also offers affordable pricing plans, and anyone who wants cloud storage will suggest that you give it a try.

Cloud storage is the buzzword of the year. There are hundreds of services that will store your data on their servers but are they really reliable and trustworthy. The question is which is the best cloud storage service for your needs? We’ve scoured the web and our panel of experts

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tested the major services relentlessly to find the best option for you. Here is the criteria that we use to evaluate each cloud storage service:


With each service we’re using a test folder of 10GB in size which contains a variety of file formats: photos, videos, presentations, documents and music files. We upload those files, then fake a hard drive failure and try to restore those files from the cloud storage service. If a company supports file sync and sharing we test that as well asking questions like: how does the service handle conflicted copies during file sync? How many file versions are created? Can we protect the shared file with a password? And much more.

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Security and Encryption

If you decide to go for a cloud storage service you need to make sure your data is protected and secure. How can you make sure of that? You need to have a look at the image to see which services offer encryption for your files. If a provider doesn’t encrypt your files you may fall victim to data theft.



When people think about cloud storage they forget that it might take time to upload all of your files to a particular service. We measure the time it takes to upload our test folder and document the results so that you can see which services are the fastest. Of course, speed depends highly on your own Internet connection but it is important to know if a cloud company caps your bandwidth manually.

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While our office is full of geeks we perfectly know that most computer users just want things to work. That’s why we test each service of its ease-of-use. How easy is it to get your files uploaded and downloaded? Can you access your files easily via a web interface? Some services use overly complicated software that confuses the user. We listed the ones at the top that are easy to use.

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