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MBBS college in London, England

Studying MBBS in UK is the most competitive course in the United Kingdom. Indian students as well as international students seek admission to do medicine in the UK. If you score high grades and have the passion to get internationally recognized medical degree, you can easily get admission to study MBBS in UK. You should have high score in higher secondary exam, IB score and IELTS to secure a seat in the undergraduate medicine in the United Kingdom.

mbbs college

Requirements to study MBBS in UK

Students can apply for the medicine degrees through UCAS website. It is the official website of the UK government, which regulates the application service of all universities in the United Kingdom.

Study in UK for Indian students after 12 come with certain eligibility requirements to fulfill. Local students should get a minimum of AAA grade in the science subjects. In case of Indian and international students, to study medicine, they should score a minimum of 7 in the IELTS exam.

After completion of the four years course, students can opt for continue medicine with specialization.

Soon after completion of this basic four years course program, the entry process for specialization in medical field begins.

All Indian students can apply for four types of medicine courses through UCAS website. The deadline for applying for medicine course is 15th October every year.

Most of the universities in UK require admission tests to enroll in MBBS. These tests are mandatory to get admission in the relevant course, which forms part of the UCAS application. Followed by test and online application, eligible students, receive invitation for interview. While some universities conduct online interview through skype, some universities require the students to visit the University and take interview in person.

Cost of studying MBBS in UK

Tuition fees charged by the leading medical colleges in UK, ranges from $13000 to $50000. It costs even for other medical degrees.

At popular medical school in London, like Bristol University MBBS, EU and UK students pay approximately £9,000 per year, which is a

standard rate for the local students. UK medical college fees for international and Indian students estimates at £17250 per year for the initial two years. For the subsequent years, it comes to an average of £35,500. Cost of living in UK is considerably moderate.

If you’re an international student willing to enroll in any of the medical schools in UK you want to make sure you have at least over £10,000 in your account at the very beginning. At some medical programs that are on offer tuition fees for international students may exceed the

amount of £50,000 per year. Recalling that medicine programs take usually 4 to 6 years to finish, well that turns into a lot of money. In order to have a better understanding of how much it may cost a medical education in the UK, you must necessary contact personally the university.

All medical schools and colleges across UK offer a number of scholarships for the students to provide financial support during course of study. Check out the List of Scholarships available for you to grab.

Reasons for Indian Students to Study in the UK

  • Access world-leading medical education
  • Increase your employability
  • Gain professional experience
  • Satisfy your wanderlust
  • Learn medical English
  • Benefit from the UK’s leadership in medical research
  • Challenge yourself
  • Strong research infrastructure
  • Work permit after study
  • Cross-cultural experience

Why study medicine in the UK?

The UK has a long tradition of educating medical students from all over the world. UK-trained doctors go all over the world to practise medicine and are recognised for their practical clinical skills, intellectual rigor, and their personal qualities such as professionalism and compassion. The UK is very engaged with the international community, and international students bring experiences from many different cultures and countries which we recognise as enriching everyone’s experience.

The British medical education system attracts first-class minds both from within the country and internationally. The system offers them carefully planned teaching and experiences with experts and researchers in the field that develops their potential. Many go on to be world leaders in clinical practice, research, teaching and authoring textbooks and papers. In addition, many famous medical schools across the globe have been set up by British medical graduates.

Within the UK there is a lot of confidence in the training of our doctors, in part due to the strict regulation and accreditation by the General Medical Council. Medical schools also benefit from widespread guidance from the General Medical Council regarding all aspects of Medical Education.

For students in particular, one of the benefits of the UK medical system is that they can start at age 18 – they do not need to complete a degree in another discipline first.

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