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Top Medical Colleges In USA in 2021

The recently released 2021 Best Medical Schools: Research by US news features 10 of the top higher education institutions to study medical and become a doctor.

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The US NEWS rankings by Subject are based on four indicators: academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations per paper and the H-index (a way of measuring the productivity and published work of a scientist or scholar). You can find more details about the methodology behind the subject rankings.

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All of these institutions vary greatly in terms of tuition costs, academic requirements, programs and degree programs on offer, and reputation. Please find below some of the top-rated medical schools found in and around Philadelphia so you can then narrow your choices as needed, and ensure you opt for the right university that is right for you.

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For you to prepare effectively for a rewarding and exciting career in medicine and any of its related fields, it is important for you to choose a proper medical school! For international students who desire to study in or around the city of Philadelphia.

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There are several medical colleges with reputable medical degree programs from which to choose, and other top-ranking high-quality medical schools that are within a short distance of the city limits of Philadelphia.

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Let’s discuss some best medical colleges in Philadelphia, USA

Best medical colleges in USA

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1. Drexel University College of Medicine

Drexel University College of Medicine is the coveted and popular medical school of Drexel University. Drexel University College of Medicine came about as a result of the merger of two medical schools namely; the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, the first medical college for women in the U.S., and a former college of homeopathy.

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Drexel University College of Medicine is at the moment the second most applied-to medical school in the nation with one of the highest numbers of enrollments for private medical schools in the U.S. At Drexel, students are found studying at the Queen Lane Campus, which was once part of the Woman’s Medical College, and at Center City Hahnemann Campus, the college’s nearby teaching hospital.

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Drexel University College of Medicine, as it is with several other medical colleges in the U.S., gives students a pass/fail. Recently, the university has moved onto a new curriculum, popularly known as Foundations and Frontiers, designed to train medical students to adapt to today’s ever-changing interdisciplinary healthcare systems. A portion of the Foundations and Frontiers curriculum has programs in population health and healthcare financing, to mention a few.

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2. Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

This is another institution that is commonly known as Penn Med, the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is the medical school arm of the University of Pennsylvania. Penn Med was founded a long time ago in 1765, and as a result is one of the oldest medical colleges in the U.S.

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Penn Med is equally an Ivy League school and the school consistently ranks as one of the highly-rated institutions in the country. It has also received research awards from the National Institute of Health as well as from various private foundations

Penn Med is associated with many nearby teaching hospitals, including:

  • The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Pennsylvania Hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Chester County Hospital
  • Lancaster General Hospital
  • The Philadelphia VA Medical Center

Penn Med’s curriculum deals primarily with multidisciplinary learning, as an adjustment to healthcare options and treatment methods. The coursework also follows three major t themes namely; the Science of Medicine, the Art, and Practice of Medicine, and Professionalism and Humanism.

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Procedure to get in Medical college, USA

You have to clear MCAT exam to persue medicine in USA .

To be eligible to give MCAT:

1.Either you should hold a bachelors degree of 4 years in medical field .

2.Or you should be in a medical college (currently persueing MBBS ) from a medical school recognised by world directory of medical schools.World Directory of Medical Schools

3.Or you should be do a bachelor degree from a degree college from USA itself .

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Top medical colleges in the USA are according to US news website, which was recntly published for 2021





5.University of California–San Francisco

6.Columbia University

7.University of California–Los Angeles (Geffen)

8.Washington University in St. Louis

9.Cornell University (Weill)

10.Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (Alix)

Best Medical Schools in 2020 – US News

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The ones that fits YOU! You could go to the top ranked medical school on the planet, hate it, and do poorly. Or you could go to a medical school that matches who you are, has a community that will work well for you, and weather that you enjoy! Imagine if the best medical school was in Antarctica… The miserably cold weather alone would drive down grades.

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Who cares where the best ones are or what their names are. Find a medical school that you will enjoy, work well at, has opportunities your interested in, and is close to family if that is important to you.

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My advice would be to apply to public universities as it would provide better education with easier admissions and lower costs. Try to score high on the SATs and try to get any kind of extracurriculars because even any small thing can decide your future. Suppose you run for a cancer awareness cause or you play for your school team or you apply for olympiads, these all show your interest in the field and shows that you are developed not only academically but socially too.


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